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Texas Man “Cracks the Code” and Generates 8-Figures For His Last 4 Clients


After achieving astronomical returns for his last 4 clients… Vince Whinnery is becoming a thing of legend among business owners under $50M and garnering a waiting list of high-profile clients who want to be part of the gold rush

Vince Whinnery, the founder and CEO of KonvertKlix (a private client marketing agency) has spent the last decade creating massive successes for companies under $50M. 

So far, the man who has added close to 9-figures of newfound revenue to a handful of small-cap companies is ready to generate even larger results. He stated the past string of successes has solidified new methods and strategies he’s using to accelerate results even faster for clients.

His Path to the Boardroom…

Mr. Whinnery grew up in a suburb of Dallas, TX. He started his career in the marketing world after spending time in the military and later developed began achieving a string of success building companies online. Eventually, this grew into an ability to consistently grow companies into well-built powerhouses that run reliably via some systems he’s refined.

By the time Vince turned 40, he’d started more than 32 businesses and generated more than 9-figures in revenue through companies he’s built or helped grow. He’s been published in more than a dozen publications and is routinely asked for interviews despite not being one for the limelight.

The Difference Begins With How He Operates…

He currently helps companies grow. When asked what makes KonvertKlix different from other marketing agencies he stated, “Most agencies are only concerned with selling the most services possible to clients.”

He continued, “We only work with clients if we can find and deliver 10 times their investment or better. We’re not concerned about selling services to clients for flat fees, that’s not how we operate. Our only concern is getting results for clients. One of our most recent clients made over 50,000 times their investment back.”

Over the last 20 years, he has developed more than 128 marketing strategies that have pulled in over a hundred million dollars collectively. The names of many of his clients are household names. He’s helped major companies in the investment industry, the financial industry, insurance industries, jewelers, online stores, newsletters… you name it there’s a good chance he’s helped someone in or around it.

 In fact, here’s a quick recap of some of his more recent accomplishments you may find fascinating…

  • He grew the revenue of a coaching company from $5,000,000 per year to $8,500,000… in just a little over 90 days.
  • He helped a financial education company transition from losing money to grossing over $500,000 per month from the span of February to August.
  • He helped an obscure supplement company become recognized as the industry leader while simultaneously achieving the most successful product launch in the company’s history with $1,300,000 in orders in 48 hours.

But he doesn’t only help 7 figure companies scale their revenues. He also helps the little guys at the local level. For example…

  • He helped an MMA gym who didn’t know how to grow or bring on more customers. With his help putting together a strategy and marketing campaign they began generating $16,500 for every $327 spent on advertising.
  • And he helped a local barbershop that opened its second location right before the pandemic. They struggled to keep chairs booked until he increased the business by 34% in 3-weeks maxing out the barbershops’ ability to take on more customers.
  • He also helped out a gym owner in a small town and generated $7,000 from only $18.45 of advertising. She was thrilled to say the least and it changed her mind on what was possible for her business. 
  • And too many more to add here.

How Does He Create These Huge Successes Consistently?

The truth of the matter is it depends who you ask…

If you ask the CEO of a mid-7-figure company he almost doubled revenue for in a matter of months… he would tell you that “he seems to see through and understand exactly what is going on and how to fix it”.

If you ask the CEO of an education company where where Whinnery improved the sales process to where they close 300% more leads than previous he would likely say “I don’t know but he’s just damn good at what he does”.

Some of the others just said he’s a marketing genius and left it at that. 

As the owner of a local services company said, “He seems to know things about what works and what is going on inside my market that I had no clue about despite being the owner for the last 15 years.”

Most just shrug and say they have no clue, but he cranks out home-runs like clockwork and leave it at that.

His Unique Approach To Identifying Client’s Hidden Growth

After his team vets potential clients, he gets on the phone with the owner or CEO to see what their goals are, what they’ve done in the past, and what is currently working and not working for them.

After that, he and his team dig in and start researching the business and use their magic to find potential opportunities. He said potential clients expect him to pitch them hard, but that never happens. “If I find an opportunity I show it to the client along with realistic revenue that is likely to occur. If it makes sense for me and my team to be involved in turning these improvements into reality then I’ll make an offer to work with them. If not, then I politely decline a working relationship. That’s really all there is to it”.

Most of the time when working with a new client he said he’ll look for an easy revenue jumpstart to get things moving – something that can bring in money fast – and use this as a test for seeing how well they work together with a client. 

“Most companies need some area of their business developed properly which takes a significant amount of time and effort for my team. I want to do something quick and for fast ROI for the client on our first project to see if we all work well together and it makes sense for me to invest in longer-term projects for the client that make them 8 figures over a larger timespan.” 

What is Next for Mr. Whinnery and KonvertKlix…

While he’s been working away he has multiple other projects going on at the same time, however his passion is still in working with businesses. He said he enjoys the experience of working with owners who have been stuck in their business suddenly see these huge breakthroughs that will change their lives.

He said he plans to continue growing KonvertKlix while taking on the occasional new clients and continue working with previous ones.

How to learn more and get access to some of his strategies…

We asked Whinnery, “If people wanted to learn more about his strategies or were interested in working with KonvertKlix what they should do?”

He said while they occasionally take on new clients, the best thing to do is join his insider list where he shares the strategies he’s using and provides content that regular subscribers don’t get. In addition that is the first place he let’s people know when accepting new clients. It is primarily made up of previous clients and those he already knows.

You can join the insider list for free by going here…

To learn more about Vince Whinnery or KonvertKlix go to konvertklix.com


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