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Moderna Inc Leaders and Executives: Who Are They?


Moderna’s mRNA-based vaccine is now the leader in the biotechnology industry. The company’s reputation was boosted even more when it released the Moderna vaccine that protects people from the current pandemic, COVID-19.

Who are the Moderna executives? Read on to learn more about Moderna Inc leadership and how they made the company successful in a short period.

About Moderna Inc.

Moderna is a leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology firm in the United States that develops and commercializes messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines and other RNA treatments globally. The company’s products and services are mRNA medicines for infectious, cancer immunotherapy, and cardiovascular conditions.

Who is the Founder of Moderna Inc?

Moderna started in 2010, but its researching how to make mRNA medicines when Stéphane Bancel came on board as the first CEO in 2022. Moderna comes from the words “modified” and “RNA.”

Since its founding, Moderna has been listed among the top healthcare and medical government contractors.

Where is Moderna Inc’s Headquarters?

In 2014, the headquarters and labs of Moderna Inc. opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts. However, the company’s other locations and subsidiaries operate worldwide, including Canada, Spain, Ireland, Germany, and Australia.

What Industries Does Moderna Inc Serve?

Moderna, Inc. is a biotechnology firm in the clinical stage. Moderna primarily produces mRNA science to make a new generation of medicines for patients that can change their lives. They market vaccines and medicines for diseases that spread. Recently, the company successfully delivered its government-approved mRNA vaccine to protect against COVID-19.

Moderna Inc Executives

Stéphane Bancel, Chief Executive Officer

As of 2011, Mr. Stephane Bancel has served as Modernas’s CEO and Director of the board. He oversees the overall operations of Moderna Inc and leads the executives.

Mr. Bancel had several executive positions even before joining Moderna. From 2000 to 2006, he held the Managing Director in Belgium, and Executive Director, Global Manufacturing Strategy and Supply Chain, both at Eli Lilly and Company. He also became the CEO of the French diagnostics firm bioMerieux SA.

Stephen Hoge, M.D., President

Stephen Hoge is the President of Moderna while overseeing the company’s Research & Development. For ten years, Dr. Hoge has headed up the scientific efforts at Moderna. He is in charge of all research and development, from the laboratory to the clinic to the regulatory agencies.

Dr. Hoge was a former partner with McKinsey & Company in their healthcare business before joining Moderna in late 2012. He was also a resident physician in New York before working with McKinsey & Company.

Juan Andres, President for Strategic Partnerships and Enterprise Expansion

Juan Andres is the current President for Strategic Partnerships and Enterprise Expansion of Moderna. His primary responsibility is supporting the company’s infrastructure in preparation for expanding the mRNA pipeline.

Before joining Moderna, Mr. Andres oversaw all of Novartis’ 25,000 technical, manufacturing, and supply chain workers as their global head. He also spent 18 years at Eli Lilly & Co., working in a wide range of manufacturing and production. Mr. Andres started as Chief Technical Operations and Quality Officer when he joined the company in 2017.

Paul Burton, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Paul Burton is in charge of medical affairs and safety as the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna. Starting in March 2020, he oversaw the strategy and implementation of medical matters for Janssen Pharmaceuticals worldwide as Chief Global Medical Affairs Officer. His other

Burton was also in charge of clinical operations for all therapeutic areas around the country and managed Johnson & Johnson’s relationship with APPLE for the digital HEARTLINETM research.

Jerh Collins, Ph.D., Chief Technical Operations and Quality Officer

As Moderna’s Chief Technical Operations and Quality Officer, Dr. Jerh Collins oversees the technical creation, quality, and supply of Moderna’s preclinical, clinical, and commercial programs.

Dr. Collins has spent nearly 30 years working in pharmaceutical production and manufacturing at Novartis. Before joining Moderna, he was also the Head of Global Chemical Operations and Anti-Infectives.

Kate Cronin, Chief Brand Officer

Kate Cronin is the current Moderna’s Chief Brand Officer. She is responsible for raising awareness and disseminating information about the company and mRNA science’s potential for patients. She was formerly the Global CEO of Ogilvy Health at WPP plc.

Kate Cronin has made a lot of contributions to Ogilvy, including:

  • Managed Ogilvy’s PR, brand strategy, and consumer engagement
  • Expanded Ogilvy’s health and wellness business
  • Led integrated campaigns for Ogilvy’s most prominent long-term health clients, including BMS, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, and Pfizer
  • Became Global Managing Director at Ogilvy

These experiences gave her the expertise to work on her new role with Moderna.

Marcello Damiani, Chief Digital and Operational Excellence Officer

Marcello Damiani is the Chief Digital and Operational Excellence Officer. He has 20 years of experience in Tech companies and Life Science companies. His expertise includes the following:

  • Strategizing and implementing innovative programs
  • Streamline digital landscapes
  • Transform a company’s communication and information flow
  • Improving and digitizing the company’s product and processes

Before he joined Moderna, Mr. Damiani helped Motorola and bioMérieux develop and build creative IT solutions to help them solve business problems.

Tracey Franklin, Chief Human Resources Officer

Tracey Franklin is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Moderna. She is in charge of the company’s talent and organizational strategy. She also helps with the development and implementation of company culture.

Before working with Moderna, Tracey Franklin spent 15 years at Merck & Co. Her past leadership roles included HR for all European divisions, HR head for Merck’s U.K. and Ireland subsidiaries, and HR Operations leader for worldwide HR program execution.

Arpa Garay, Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Arpa Garay oversees all Moderna’s business operations worldwide. She has extensive knowledge about making long-term portfolio strategies and marketing worldwide.

Before joining Moderna, Ms. Garay worked with Merk & Co. She handles Merck’s Human Health business as a Chief Marketing Officer. She was also previously President of Global Pharmaceuticals, Analytics, and Digital Marketing, SVP & Head of U.S. Vaccines, and General Manager at Merck & Co.’s Norway.

Jamey Mock, Chief Financial Officer

Jamey Mock is  Moderna’s Chief Financial Officer in charge of the company’s finances, business development, and services. He oversees the company’s financial activities, including making current financial reports and summaries and estimating the company’s long-term budget.

Mr. Mock worked for General Electric Company for nearly 20 years in a wide range of financial oversight jobs in the United States and internationally. Mr. Mock was also the Senior Vice President and CFO of PerkinElmer in 2018.

Shannon Thyme Klinger, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

Shannon Thyme Klinger is Moderna’s Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary. She oversees the company’s legal, governance, and corporate compliance work.

Ms. Klinger previously worked with Novartis, where she had been Chief Legal Officer and a member of the Novartis Executive Committee until 2018. Throughout her career, Ms. Klinger’s work has improved long-term business performance and built trust with society.

Moderna Inc Board of Directors

Moderna leaders are committed to making a work environment that is open to diversity and rewards curiosity, collaboration, and agility. Meet the board of directors of Moderna Inc.

  • Noubar Afeyan, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chairman, Moderna; CEO, Flagship Pioneering
  • Stéphane Bancel, Chief Executive Officer
  • Stephen Berenson, Managing Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Sandra Horning, M.D., Co-founder and Advisor, EQRx
  • Robert Langer, Sc.D., Academic Co-Founder, Moderna; David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT
  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Nabel, M.D., Executive Vice President for Strategy at ModeX Therapeutics
  • François Nader, M.D., Former President, CEO and Executive Director, NPS Pharmaceuticals
  • Paul Sagan, Senior Advisor and Executive-in-Residence, General Catalyst
  • Elizabeth Tallett, Former Principal, Hunter Partners
  • Henri A. Termeer, Retired Chairman, President, and CEO of Genzyme

Revolutionizing mRNA Technology

Moderna is the first company to give a dose of mRNA-1653 to a human. It is a combination vaccine that could protect against the human MPV virus and parainfluenza virus. Moderna also received a $3.3 billion government contract change from the Army to supply 200 million more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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