January 6

ServiceNow’s Jonathan Alboum: CISA BOD 23-01 Directive to Advance Zero Trust Plans in 2023


Jonathan Alboum, federal chief technology officer at ServiceNow, said cybersecurity emerged as a top concern for organizations in 2022 and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s release of a binding operational directive, BOD 23-01, meant to enhance asset visibility and vulnerability detection on federal networks will drive agency adoption of zero trust architecture in the coming year, Federal News Network reported Wednesday.

In early October, CISA issued BOD 23-01, which establishes baseline requirements for agencies to identify assets and vulnerabilities on their networks and submit reports to CISA at regular intervals.

“Understanding the devices, data and applications on your network, are three of the pillars of CISA’s zero trust maturity model. Implementation of this BOD will advance zero trust plans in a meaningful way in 2023 and beyond,” said Alboum, former chief information officer at the Department of Agriculture.

When asked about the top two accomplishments within the federal information technology community in 2022, he cited the CISA BOD 23-01 directive and the efforts of the Department of Health and Human Services to invest in IT to improve customer experience.

Alboum noted that the Biden administration’s President’s Management Agenda highlighted the need to deliver better digital services to employees and citizens and served as an “inflection point” in the federal government’s digital transformation effort.

“By designating 35 high impact service providers, the administration created focus and priorities for an overwhelming task. Throughout 2022, we saw agencies accelerate improvements in customer experience and chart a course for integration of cross-agency functions and programs,” he added.

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