February 24

SAIC’s Jayson Meil: AI Tech Has ‘Untapped Potential’ for Public Sector


Jason Meil, chief data scientist and managing director of artificial intelligence at Science Applications International Corp., said the federal government should embrace AI as he believes the technology will become an integral part of future U.S. defense and national security missions.

Meil wrote in a Federal Times opinion piece published Wednesday that AI offers use cases that remain untapped in the public sector and the emergence of OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform further demonstrates the potential of the technology.

He said agencies should not wait for their data governance and AI and machine learning infrastructure to be perfectly aligned in order to implement AI applications.

An SAIC survey of government executives found that less than 20 percent of respondents were very likely to adopt AI in 2024 while one-third said their agency was not ready to transition to such technology, according to Meil.

He noted the Department of Defense is leading the way in federal AI adoption, launching more than 600 projects to leverage the technology.

“DoD’s willingness to lead the charge in AI readiness with measured ingenuity should be applauded, not feared, and embraced across the Federal government,”

To gain confidence in AI utilization, agencies should improve their cloud capabilities, establish agency-specific guidance and place zero trust security in their networks, Meil added.

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